E-sourcing & E-procurement

Web-based procurement and sourcing applications are helping businesses save up to 32% percent on purchasing costs particularly for high-volume, commodity-based purchasing needs in industries such as retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and government.

E-procurement, which automates many aspects of the traditional purchasing process, enables businesses to buy and sell supplies and services over the Internet. Components of this process can include inventory management, electronic purchase order and invoice generation and e-sourcing (online purchasing negotiations between buyers and suppliers). E-procurement and e-sourcing solutions help buyers cut purchasing costs, streamline and condense the procurement cycle, maximize profits and enhance quality by expanding their access to world class suppliers.

NetXs Solutions provides e-procurement and e-sourcing applications and services to meet your unique purchasing or selling needs:

  • Online reverse auctions
  • Online forward auctions
  • Global sourcing services
  • Business to business e-marketplaces
  • Custom and industry-tailored solutions

Our Web-based e-procurement and e-sourcing solutions and services are extremely easy to use and don't require extensive training or complex hardware and software installations. However, should buyers or suppliers need technical assistance or have product or purchasing questions, our specialists are always available to provide in-depth support.

NetXs Solutions' Web-based procurement and sourcing applications are offered exclusively by our worldwide partner HedgeHog eSourcing OnDemand. Contact HedgeHog at 800-208-2335 or visit them on the web at www.hedgehog.com for details.