Application Integration & Maintenance

Over time, companies often find themselves utilizing outdated technologies that donít share data and that have been patched and updated many times over several years. This scenario ultimately reduces productivity, introduces risk of data loss or compromise and decreases reliability and agility. NetXs Solutions helps address the challenge of incongruent information systems by building bridges between applications and maintaining them with a clear purpose and objectives to maximize accessibility and performance. Our application integration and maintenance services optimize your resources while reducing risks and delivering a unified business process and workflow.

NetXs Solutions' application integration and maintenance team acts as an extended IT team that is working around the clock to maximize the value of your technology solutions. This enables you to keep your business running without additional overhead. More importantly, it allows your IT team to focus on more strategic issues.

No matter the number, type or complexity of applications, NetXs Solutions will help you integrate your mainframe, client/server or Web applications to decrease your overhead costs while improving operations and ROI. Our application integration expertise includes integrating :

  • Supplier, distributor or partner applications
  • Order entry, payment and shipping systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions

You can also trust NetXs Solutions with the ongoing maintenance of your custom enterprise applications. Application maintenance in various platforms and frameworks has become a critical, yet time-consuming service for internal IT departments. We'll respond rapidly to your service level needs by deploying our established processes for issue resolution, and provide full reporting along the way. Take advantage of our cost-effective 24/7 maintenance services for tasks such as :

  • Application updates and upgrades
  • Debugging and error tracking
  • Database administration
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Managed hosting
  • End-user helpdesk and call center support