Software Re-Engineering

Despite the fact that technology advancements (via updates, upgrades and patches) can provide exceptional benefits to your business, they can be very challenging to manage. Businesses often find that maintaining older applications can be extremely time- and resource-intensive but arenít sure they can afford the cost, time or business process impact of replacing existing systems. But, outdated technologies and continued patch-work maintenance of an IT infrastructure can hamper your ability to respond and scale to dynamic business forces and can expose your business to risk.

For companies looking to overcome these complex hurdles and streamline legacy systems and business applications, NetXs Solutions offers affordable, full-scale software re-engineering services that include:

  • Migrating database platforms
  • Consolidating IT infrastructures
  • Realigning legacy systems
  • Commercial application porting to new operating systems and hardware platforms

Whether you're looking to initiate a new project or enhance an already existing application, NetXs has the technical skills, tools and methodology to transform your business into a more efficient operation without compromising your existing business rules and practices. During your company's re-engineering process, we will address your time, cost and risk requirements and collaborate with your team as needed throughout the entire process to ensure your project's success.

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