Is NetXs Solutions currently recruiting?

Our recruitment process is business-driven. Visit our Current Openings page for a list of open positions.

What kind of professionals does NetXs Solutions hire?

We are constantly looking for individuals who:

  • Excel in their specific technical areas and have very clear growth objectives
  • Have a dedicated and focused approach to do their best on the task at hand
  • Are self-confident and have excellent communication skills
  • Have the flexibility to work on a variety of technologies

What background must I have to apply for a position?

The qualifications depend on the position. In general, we require a BCS, MCS, BE, MCA or equivalent. We also give preference to candidates who have undertaken post graduate diploma courses such as CDAC and other CDAC-equivalent courses.

What is the recruitment process like?

  • If you have fewer than three years of experience you will be given a written test on general aptitude, technical aptitude (skill-set specific) and practical aptitude (skill-set specific).
  • If you have three to five years of experience you will be given a general aptitude and a technical aptitude test (skill-set specific). Your school/college grades and performance in our written tests are the primary factor in further processing your application. Successful candidates are then put through a technical interview.
  • If you have five or more years of experience you will participate in two rounds of direct technical interviews.
  • All those who clear technical interviews are forwarded for HR interview.

How do I apply for a position?

Visit our Submit Resume page.
Based on the details you provide, your resume will be stored and retrieved when suitable openings are available. However, to ensure higher visibility we encourage you to check back often and manually tag your profile to a suitable job code.

How am I kept informed about my application status?

You will be sent a mail if your profile matches our requirements.

How can I learn more about NetXs Solutionsí work?

You can learn more about our initiatives in specific industries/technologies by exploring our Web site.

What are the growth opportunities at NetXs Solutions?

We recruit extremely cautiously, keeping in mind our business needs. If you are hired, you will be assigned directly to a live project which involve development work on cutting-edge technologies, thereby providing you technical exposure right from day one. This 'on-the-job training and exposure ensures faster growth compared to environments that begin with long classroom training and bench periods.

Will I have the opportunity to travel?

Some projects do have short-and long-term travel requirements. Travel is purely based on business need.

I have a question that hasnít been covered.

Please visit our Contact Us section and send us a note.