Migration & Porting

To remain competitive and provide scalability, functionality and global access to your mission-critical data and applications, you may be faced with the challenge of migrating or porting your data and software to the latest technology platforms. This can help minimize product support and enhancement costs and help your business operate more efficiently.

Whether you lack the internal resources, the training or the time to implement your technology migration or porting project, let NetXs Solutions’ outsourced IT services team handle it. We’ll help your technology support more users and perform better — in less time and for less money — so you remain competitive in the face of changing market demands.

NetXs Solutions’ application migration and porting process includes:

  • Migration assessment
  • Platform compatibility research
  • Functionality and business requirements review
  • Risk analysis
  • Design and implementation
  • System fine-tuning and maintenance

Our migration and porting experts are skilled in updating legacy and other outdated or custom applications to conform to the latest operating environments and technologies. Some of the platforms we support include:

  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Windows
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • DB2