Outsourced Research & Development

Many companies are faced with the challenge of transforming concepts into a fully functional products that form the base of their product and service offerings. At NetXs Solutions, we serve as an outsourced research and development (R&D) team, helping bring technology-based products to market faster and more cost-effectively than many internal development teams. We accomplish this through a phased approach and skilled understanding of the latest software product development tools. Our technology expertise includes the utilization of object oriented design, open standards, Java, Microsoft and Adobe platforms and application server technologies.

Our unique product development cycle includes the following stages, as necessary, customized to your individual needs :

  • Business process analysis and requirements gathering
  • Mapping technical requirements
  • Forming the product development team
  • Design specification
  • Prototyping, Beta development and proof of concept
  • Application development
  • Validation, testing and quality assurance
  • Localization for international markets
  • Deployment, integration and application porting
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

NetXs Solutions creates a winning arrangement for your project. While we communicate with your team throughout each step of the process, you will always remain in full control of the project by monitoring our ongoing development via our secure, online collaboration tool. During the entire product development process, we will ensure that your product vision is brought to light on time and within your budget.